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"Music is life, emotion, feeling, expression, path, direction, beauty, endless possibilities..."


A little about the artist

George Lucena is a descendant of a family from Paraíba, in the northeast of Brazil. He was born in Waterloo, Canada, but returned to Brazil at a young age, grew up and lived most of his life in Brasília, the capital of Brazil...

Sound meditation

Singular inspirations to facilitate your connection with yourself. An invitation to meet your silence.

Guided meditations available for download, produced with sound effects and instruments played by George Lucena, together with the voice and inner universe of Vanessa Rodrigues.

Irradiando Luz -Meditação Sonora 1
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"A record recorded with much love and dedication. 

My reverence to Mother Nature, who teaches me at all times to walk in harmony with everything and with everyone.

The realization of the dream of being able to sing to the four winds everything that vibrates inside my heart."

Árvore do somGeorge Lucena

Available on major digital platforms.

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tempo das coisas.jpg

Tempo das Coisas

Time of Things is Born, George Lucena's newest work.

A great gathering of musicians and friends in search of timbres, textures and cultural exchanges. 

From the Andean to the Indian, from the African to the Native American, from the erudite to the traditional, from the northeast in blood to the east - a true sound fusion, that navigates in simplicity and beauty.

From sound to silence, from music that is heard but also felt.

This is the time of things.

SertãoZenGeorge Lucena

Available on all digital platforms.

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Sound Bath

The Sound Bath explores the therapeutic power of sound and vibration. In this work, George Lucena, together with his partner Vanessa Rodrigues, creates sound landscapes with fusions of timbres and vibrations of various special instruments, sounds of nature and sacred chants, which lead to the state of rest and the encounter of sensations, memories, insights, understanding, restoration, and self-healing. 

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