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Modern Primitive & Global Culture Trading Post

Derek Morley is a great friend and partner, the first one we made in Canadian lands, owner of a beautiful, immense and generous heart, who embraced our family, and with all affection received us with open arms in this land called Canada. Derek owns a chain of stores that are located in 5 cities across Ontario (Kingston, Smiths Falls, Ottawa, Peterborough and Cornwall). all over the world in the most varied segments, we also develop cultural projects related to art and culture. in a proposal to bridge the world's diverse cultures, languages ​​and human development, in addition to being places of exchange, always in partnership with small local communities of artists, seekers, beings who walk with joy, human beings awake and aware of what it is inhabit this planet called Earth.


Cornerstone Organics 2020/2021

Beautifull Yurt 

The beautiful Cornerstone Organics family, Jaime and Matthew and their children, have opened the doors for our family to start our sound journeys in Canada. The Yurt is a tent inspired by the ancient nomadic tents of Mongolia, a sacred space dedicated to self-knowledge and human development, with activities such as meditation, yoga, massage, sound journeys, courses and workshops.

We also had the opportunity to dive and work on the organic food farm, and learn about the planting and cultivation of organics, a real gift in our lives.

Long Sault - Ontario/Canada

Festival Luz do Cerrado 2018/2019

The project "Luz do Cerrado" was born from the meeting of a group of artists interested in music that awakens consciousness and dialogues with people's hearts.
A rich and vast repertoire that articulates a fusion of rhythms, touches, and multiple influences, watered with sounds of nature.
A musical movement in tune with other paths of good and spirituality, of therapeutic lines and health, and with foundations of environmental sustainability.

"Luz do Cerrado" proposes to share songs with Brasilia's audience, inspired in several aspects of world music, incorporating sounds from several ethnicities, in special, Hindu, and African elements.
Currently, it is the main reference in this musical genre in the Federal District. The project is composed by musicians Denis Oliveira, George Lucena, Leander Motta, Paulo Coração, Edwin Sotta, Lúcia Valeska, Leal Carvalho, Pedro Turbay and Toninho Alves.

Brasília - DF.

Sopros da Terra com Edwin Sotta

Here is where the genius of George Lucena meets the charmers of Edwin Sota's flute. A successful partnership that has lasted over a decade.
The journey directed inside you.
The union of the instruments, the sound effects, and the voice with the diversity and richness of this Peruvian master's flutes. 
Brasília - DF

Festival Ilumina

The Ilumina Festival is an event that brings together music, dance, meditation, therapeutic experiences, and children's activities in a great celebration, amidst the exuberance of Chapada dos Veadeiros. An opportunity to integrate body, mind, and spirit in an atmosphere of peace, love, and joy.
The purpose of ((enlighten)) is to facilitate the amplification of the loving consciousness, to bring healing, and to anchor joy and luminous spiritual energy.
In the 2019 edition, the Ilumina Festival (Enlighten Festival) received the project Winds of the Earth from George Lucena and Edwin Sota, with the special participation of Vanessa Rodrigues in conducting the meditation and Leander Motta hallucinating the percussion, 
Chapada dos Veadeiros - GO

Festas que Curam

The greatest cures are linked to happy and joyful moments.
Elevation music, dancing, fun, games... "Healing Parties" works as a way to acquire and codify knowledge or skills, overcome challenges, dissolve patterns you no longer want, expand consciousness, magnetize and implement desired changes in resonance with everything and everyone.
Diffusion of real and accessible experiences of healing by rescuing all beings.
Brasilia - DF

Virada Musical Xamãnica (VMX)

A journey through the power of songs and sounds within the charms of the Atlantic Forest.
The melody, the rhythm, and the words establish a communication with the Sacred, spontaneously releasing the energy to heal and transform. A vast panorama of sounds from various shamanic traditions in order to obtain the healing power in the rhythm of sacred revelry.
The 2020 edition of Shamanic Musical Turn received the talent of George Lucena and his sacred music. 
Itapecerica da Serra - SP

Banho Sonoro e Espaço Ajna

The Ajna space is a geodesic structure, with incredible acoustics, perfect for the experiences and journeys with Sound Baths.
In this space, we hold thematic days with transcendental experiences.
Brasília - DF

Yoga na Flona

The Yoga in the Flona project by instructor Aline Felizardo receives the vibrations of the Sound Bath.
A beautiful experience through the universe of harmonic and sound vibrations, transiting between sound and silence, combined with the practice of yoga in the nature of the National Forest of Brasília (Flona).
Brasília - DF


Povo do Sol

George Lucena is brother to me, a messenger of light. His intuitive musicality has touched my heart for many years. From the first time that I had the pleasure to hear him play, I could experience a feeling of harmony and peace, with melodies and poetry, which connects us to the beauty of nature. His beautiful songs are food for the spirit!!! This connection brought a friendship that reflected in his participation twice in songs of the People of the Sun. The first, already released, was in the song Flor da Manhã, in which George recorded a charango. The second is the song Jardim da Natureza, which is in the recording phase.

Sidney - Povo do Sol

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