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The sound bath is a journey of self-knowledge, guided by the magic of sound and silence, by sacred music and songs that refer to ancient peoples who inhabited and still inhabit the planet. The timbres and frequencies lead the participant to altered states of consciousness and deep relaxation, facilitating the encounter with silence and with the sacred that inhabits each human being. A practice that integrates music and energetic healing techniques: reiki, thetahealing, and sound healing.
The Sound Bath explores the therapeutic power of sound and vibration. In this work, George Lucena, together with his partner Vanessa Rodrigues, creates sound landscapes with fusions of timbres and vibrations of various special instruments, sounds of nature and sacred chants, which lead to the state of rest and the encounter of sensations, memories, insights, understanding, restoration, and self-healing. 
Vanessa is an integralist therapist, master of reiki, thetahealer, and apprentice of the wisdom of herbs, aromatherapy, and florals. 

Since 2016 hundreds of people from all over Brazil have been experiencing and being surprised by this journey that promotes benefits such as reduced stress, improved sleep quality, relief of physical and emotional pain, and above all: the reunion with oneself.

some statements

"It was a wonderful experience of intense relaxation! I was able to rise to a place where there was peace, lightness and fullness! All those sounds reach the soul, and provide us with an environment of love and healing!" 

Dani Veloso, Brasília

"Wow, no words! Deep and intense, in spite of its softness. It makes all the atoms of our body vibrate even more.

Suzana, Brasília

"My experience with sound bathing was very remarkable, I clearly perceived how the waves cleaned my bodies, besides being physical this work for me was received from the astral plane. I vibrate for its expansion, so that it can reach more and more people!

Bia, Brasília

"I keep in my body the beautiful sensation of being caressed in the soul. The Sound Bath, conducted by George and Vanessa is a gift that all people can give themselves. An encounter with the subtle and loving, in the silent surrender, in the presence of sound beauty. Gratitude for the beautiful moments you have offered us. In Botucatu we always wait for you with open arms"

Margarita Morales, Botucatu

            Monica Angie Piotrowski     

   Long Sault - Canada

"Beautiful, deep, accesses celestial dimensions, connection with our lightness, inner musicality."

Juliana, Brasilia

"I have participated in three sound baths, in different places and situations. None of them were the same. On the contrary, they all brought me unique experiences. The facilitators lead people with a meditation guided by music, where one sees oneself in contact with the elements and merges into nature. The body vibrates, relaxes, reverberates the sounds. The mind travels from the center of the Earth to heaven. In the end, a feeling of deep peace remains. It is magical!"

Ana Gleice, Brasília

Michael Maloney - Long Sault


"The senses and emotions are sharp, but at the same time, relaxed and led to almost indescribable plans, it's worth FEELING this experience!

Guilherme, Botucatu

"My experience with the Sound Bath was extremely pleasurable and relaxing, of full connection with myself.
During the experience some significant images came to my mind and I left with a feeling of lightness and fullness"

Maria da Conceição, Brasília

                     Michael Szymkowiac              

   Long Sault  - Canada

                     Jenny Szymkowiac              

   Long Sault  - Canada

"The sound bath of this couple is incredible. People have no idea of the level of CURE and RELAXATION that the bath causes. There are Soul pains that are very difficult to heal in traditional therapies and would take years, while the sound bath, with the power of each instrument heals instantly. Not to mention the elevation of consciousness and the lighter the soul gets. I am very grateful to have met this couple and very grateful for the work. They play the Soul deeply without words! It is only by experiencing it to feel how transformative and healing it is. Gratitude Vanessa and George!"

Alessandra Aguiar, Brasília

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