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"fruits born of the journeys of the spirit along the sacred paths of divine nature"


"A record recorded with much love and dedication. 

My reverence to Mother Nature, who teaches me at all times to walk in harmony with everything and with everyone.

The realization of the dream of being able to sing to the four winds everything that vibrates inside my heart."

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Tempo das coisas

Time of Things is Born, George Lucena's newest work.

A great gathering of musicians and friends in search of timbres, textures and cultural exchanges. 

From the Andean to the Indian, from the African to the Native American, from the erudite to the traditional, from the northeast in blood to the east - a true sound fusion, that navigates in simplicity and beauty.

From sound to silence, from music that is heard but also felt.

This is the time of things.

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Berimbau Song 

Berimbau Song has been opening the doors of new work.
A song that was born in our first week in Canada. We were serving quarantine at the house of dear Derek, a Canadian friend in love with Brazil and who "accidentally" had a berimbau hanging from the ceiling of his room.
I noticed the berimbau tuned in D and there was no other way, I took my microphone and immediately recorded the first touches of a very experimental sound journey.
To be honest, I didn't expect to resume recording work so soon, in the pandemic, in the midst of a change of country, challenges after challenges, but I always leave my heart wide open because for art there is no right time.
Berimbau Song is a song that connects me to sound and silence, and expresses a little of my experience with Sound Healing.
It is a joy to be able to express this energy that I am honored to feel in every instrument that comes into my life.

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O Luar

O Luar is a song more than special to me, given to my youngest daughter Luna, my gift from God. I grew up many times accompanying my mother on moonlit nights, and I have always learned to be enchanted, bewitched by so much beauty and the magic in the air, in that deep and silent connection that the moon brings. That's what the song is about and now I come to share!!!


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