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A little of my story

George Lucena is a descendant of a family from Paraíba, in the northeast of Brazil. He was born in Waterloo, Canada, but returned to Brazil at a young age, grew up and lived most of his life in Brasília, the capital of Brazil.

He currently lives in Canada with his family, opening a little more the wings of life and the work dedicated to the medicine of sound and silence, which has been deepening for years, where he shares with all beings he meets along the way, strength and potency of the encounter with silence, especially in such noisy times, where a pause to breathe, opening space to feel more than to know, is increasingly necessary.

Since he was a boy, he had a unique sensitivity to music, where he grew up influenced by a large part of Brazilian popular music, mainly from the northeast and eternally enchanted by the richness of the universe of the rhythms and sounds of Afro-Brazilian music, as well as expressions from native, traditional and regional cultures spread across the Earth.

Passionate about the incredible and magical world of musical instruments, George walks paths increasingly in tune with the way he moves through life, seeking in frequencies, melodies and cadences, the expression of beauty and harmony, of peace and joy.

As a music producer, there are already 3 authorial albums: Para Viajar (2005), Naturezando (2014), Tempo das Coisas (2020), and several singles released in 2021 and 2022, and participation as a producer, singer and multi-instrumentalist in several productions. of various artists, musicians and producers around the world.

In his compositions, he opts for the fusion of languages, between different timbres of traditional, organic instruments and technology, making bridges between west and east, from north to south, having nature as his main source of inspiration in all its manifestations.

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